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Welcome to Holistic Health Center

Have you been suffering from headaches / skin problems / insomnia / digestive complaints / PMS / recurring infections / weak immune system / depression / fatigue / overweight / menopause-related issues or other health issues and are you looking for a sustainable solution?

Holistic Health Center is a practice for complementary alternative medicine, nutrition and health coaching. My name is Sarah Roozendaal, BaCAM and it is my ambition to help you achieve your optimal health. I practice professional holistic, naturopathic remedies, which preferably are evidence-based.  These are suitable for babies, children, adults and seniors. The remedies can be adjusted to fit with other (regular) treatments.


In our busy lives, running between work, the gym, socializing with friends or taking care of our children, we can lose our physical and/or mental balance. Perhaps stressful events in the present or past are putting a strain on us. This imbalance can cause health issues. With my holistic approach, I can support you in restoring that imbalance and bring your body back to work to its full strength. This is essential for treating any health issue and renewing well-being.

Your holistic health journey starts with an intake consultation, in which we'll discuss your physical/mental health issue(s), your medical history, your lifestyle, stress management and diet. With this information, I will make a personal treatment plan that goes beyond treating the symptoms of your complaints. The plan will include nutritional and lifestyle advice and could also include herbal medicine (phytotherapy) and/or nutritional supplements.


We'll have 2-3 follow-up consultations to discuss your progress and change the plan if needed. You will be equipped with insights as to how to nurture your health, so that you can continue your holistic health journey independently and with confidence.

Contact me to find out how I can help you!


Intake consultation +- 90 min €110

Follow-up consultation +- 60 min €75

A "Healthy Check-in" +- 30 min €40

NB. the healthy check-in is for a short questions about holistic health style, nutrition or supplements, that can be answered on the spot. 

Sarah Roozendaal is a member of the professional organization NWP and treatments can be (partly) covered by your health insurance. Please check your health insurance package for complementary alternative medicine ("natuurgeneeskunde", "fytotherapie", "orthomoleculaire therapie") or check this overview 

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